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We bring you an impressive range of Santa hats for adults and kids.

Our range of Santa hats is brought to you by leading UK fancy dress stores and other reputable retailers including Party Packs, Amazon, Light in the Box, Ebay, John Lewis, Matalan, Sports Direct, Asda, BHS, Party Domain, Argos, Jokers Masquerade, Angels Fancy Dress, Escapade, Tesco, Littlewoods and Festive Lights. 

At Christmas time mums and dads start hunting around for suitable Santa hats, like those for sale her, for their kids and themselves - maybe one with jingle jangle bells, a musical one that plays a popular Christmas song or one with flashing lights. 

Whatever you are looking for - whether it's a cheap and plain felt hat or a deluxe one made of top quality material, you're sue to find something here that appeals.

You don't have to look far in December to see someone wearing a Father Christmas hat - they are everywhere...at supermarket check-outs, behind the bar in pubs, in the crowds at winter sporting events, worn by staff in shops, offices and hotels. 

When you see someone wearing a Santa Claus you can be sure Christmas day isn't far away.
If you want to settle for a basic traditional red and white, that's peachy - but why don't we tell you all about some of the other impressive Santa hats we feature from UK fancy dress stores? 

We'll start small, don't worry - the mini sequin Santa hat on clip with a cute little bell - for all the classy ladies who like to have their cake and eat it too! 

You can flaunt your hairstyle and still make a fashion statement with a hat - these hats cost under £2 and are available in many colours including red, green gold, silver, black, white and pink and they are sure to get everyone's attention at any Christmas party. 

However, if long is your thing, then we have the extra long Santa hat for you with the top (with the pom pom) hanging down like a long red scarf right down to your knees. These are still reasonably cheap at around £5 and are a very popular choices with women, men and boys and girls during the festive season.

Another great option is a Santa hat with beard for 3 to 16 year olds - kids really love them. Made of 100% acrylic and priced between £8 and £10, this is one fun festive accessory you don't want to miss. 

You can also buy a personalised Santa hat with your name or whatever you wish should appear right above your forehead for around £10. These are availabe in various sizes, including small, medium and large for adults and children.

When everyone's decked in red, how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd when it comes to Santa wear? Simple, buy yourself a black and white Bah Humbug Santa hat. These cost around £4 and come with a Father Christmas beard and glasses - then your acting abilities will determine if you make a really good (or bad) impression.

There are plenty of other Santa-themed hats to catch the eye of everyone - the Stuck in the Chimney Santa hat will tickle everyone's funny bones for sure. This one's shaped like a chimney with a pair of legs on top as if the body is waiting to be pulled out! It's freat fun and costs under £5.

The deluxe tall and wired striped Santa hat will make you look extra tall and is great for a hat that could make you look like a cross between Santa and a striped candy. This novelty hat comes with fake fur trim for just under a fiver.

If you wish to be flashy, go for the light up Santa hat with flashing lights or a musical one. Most are priced around £3.99 and it's best to buy a decent quality one to ensure the lights work well and the musical plays to a listenable standard. 

Most musical Santa hats play Jingle Bells and might be better suited for children who are usually more joyously into the Christmas Spirit and more able to listen to the tune over and over again than most adults would care to!

You're really spoilt for choice with our range of hats - other popular and wacky hats include the Santa hat with white plaits and ribbons, and the animated novelty Santa hat which actually dances on the top while the rest of it sings Put my Hands up and Shout. We even have hats for your pet dog!

And let's not forget to mention the many variations on the animated Santa hat theme, the court jester Santa hat, Santa hat with devil horns, rainbow Santa hat, Santa hat with bells, and even a zebra Santa hat!

If you're a football fan, why not treat yourself to a Santa hat adorned with the emblem and colours of your team? 
There are hats available for many clubs including Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs, Celtic and West Ham.  

We also bring you an extensive range of Santa costumes in case you want to really make a big impression during Xmas time and get fully decked out as the cheery and loveable character himself. 

These are available in many sizes for men, women and kids. Most come with trousers, a jacket, hat and beard. Deluxe versions have other accessories such as a Santa belt and boots. For the ladies, the sexy Miss or Mrs Clause fancy dress outfit is a real winner and features a saucy mini skirt. 

These certainly catch the eye at Yuletide office parties and are available in many colours, other than traditional red - popular colours include green, blue, black, pink, white, gold, silver and yellow.

For good measure, we also bring you a few other Xmas outfits including the popular Santa's Little Helper Elf costume, reindeer hat and outfit and the novelty Christmas tree costume.

Many Santa hats are really cheap, costing under £1 - but these are generally made of thin and inferior felt material, but if youíre looking for a more plush item, we also feature many luxury Santa hats with soft padded materials. You can also get tartan Santa hats or other hats with exclusive patterns and designs.

It's worth browsing around a while to find the hat that really fits the bill for you - do you want a hat that flop down at the side of your head, or a hat with wiring or padding to make it stand upright? 

Most Santa hats have a white pom-pom ball at the hatís tip, but would you like a Santa hat with a bell at the end or with nothing at all? Do you want a plain hat made of the traditional red felt, or would you rather have a hat embroidered with sparkly sequins or patterns? 

And if you want to buy hats in bulk for your works Xmas party, children's party of just to hand out to your staff on the shop floor, we bring you a range of multi-packs comprising anything from two to 20 hats. 

So, if you really want to get in the spirit of things this Christmas, we urge you to become as mad as a hatter and put on a fun Santa hat. 
Merry Christmas - ho, ho, ho!

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